1 Jun 2024: Changelog AADS Terminal Server (build 222.1)




1 Jun 2024: Changelog AADS Terminal Server (build 222.1)

2FA ScreenSaver

AADS comes with a 2FA ScreenSaver. Unlocking the Desktop can be done by 2FA:


2FA Look-and-Feel

The Look-and-Feel when asking the User an 2FA code, can be configured by the Administrator:

Note: make sure that on the Client Device the setting for "Show Desktop background" is selected:

If the User has de -selected "Show Desktop background",
the image will not be shown, but the Server Default Color will be shown.


Bug Fix

An AADServer in an AADS Farm mistakenly reports to the other AADServers in the Farm that it always does PDF/PS printing,
even when the PDF/PS is not set/or configured on this AADServer.


Improvement AUDIT Logging

The AUDIT Logging has been improved. It does contains 2 extra Fields:

'2023-08-31 10:08:04','REMOTE DISCONNECT','WIN11X64I150\luser002','2',''
'2023-08-31 10:08:04','SESSION LOCK','WIN11X64I150\luser002','2','-'
'2023-08-31 10:08:12','REMOTE CONNECT','WIN11X64I150\luser002','2',''
'2023-08-31 10:08:12','SESSION UNLOCK','WIN11X64I150\luser002','2',''
'2023-08-31 10:17:42','REMOTE DISCONNECT','WIN11X64I150\luser002','2',''
'2023-08-31 10:17:42','SESSION LOCK','WIN11X64I150\luser002','2',''
'2023-08-31 10:17:43','SESSION LOGOFF','WIN11X64I150\luser002','2','-'
'2023-08-31 10:29:12','SESSION LOCK','WIN11X64I150\testuser','1','console'
'2023-08-31 10:39:04','SESSION UNLOCK','WIN11X64I150\testuser','1','console'
'2023-08-31 11:21:15','SESSION LOGOFF','WIN11X64I150\testuser','1','console'

Note: it might happen that the Field for Remote IP Address is "empty", indicated by "-", because with that specific event there is no Remote IP Address.


Update AADS RDP Client for Linux when using rdesktop

When using the AADS RDP Client for Linux, using rdesktop, against a Windows 11 Server, it might happen that there are "Invalid Login attempts" because of how the AADS RDP Client for Linux runs on top of rdesktop. This has been changed such to avoid the "Invalid Login attempts".


Update AADS RDP Client for MacOS Sonoma (version 14)

AADS RDP Client for OSX could not be used on MacOS Sonoma. This has been fixed.


Copy License Number button

In our FAQ HowTo Ask Support we ask for:

 Item 5  In case you have a license number, do mention the license number. 

Because of our FAQ, AADS Maintenance and Control has now a "Copy to Clipboard" button:


Update ZIP Support File

For support we can ask customers to send us a ZIP Support File. Should it be that the file is larger then 10 MB, the ZIP Support File will be split in separate 10 MB files, such that each part can be send by email.


Update embedding FFaMSearch

it is possible to limit the embedding of FFaMSearch in Windows Explorer to a specific user-group:


Bug Fix: RDP+ FileTransfer "Make numbered Backup" did not work

The option Make numbered Backup did not work. When the target-file already did exist, based on the checksum of the content of the file, no backup was made and no FileTransfer from Client to Server or from Server to Client was done. The FileTransfer just did not happen while showing the logging "no need to do".


Bug Fix: Sending a test-email when using AADServer for WXP

An AADServer can send notifications by email . Sending a test-email did not work anymore on WXP.


Bug Fix: Cortana Searchbar and Taskview button

When the Administrator has selected not to apply Optimize, after each reboot AADServer would hide the Cortana Searchbar and TaskView button on the Taskbar. This is fixed.


Improvement: Maintenance & Control


Improvement / Bug Fix: Auto-Hide AADS StartMenu

When the Administrator has assigned Application Control to the User(s), and Explorer is not not assigned to the User(s), a small AADS StartMenu button is shown. This button can be shown Always, or Auto-Hide.

When Auto-Hide is selected, and the user is working Full Screen with an application, the the AADS StartMenu button is not shown; is covered by the Application(s).
The button will appear when the User moves the mouse cursor to the edge of the screen where is button is hidden / located:


More logging...

Because of Support, more logging is implemented about the functioning of AADS and Windows.

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