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Assign Shipment Customer to an AADS Terminal Server License

In case the AADS Terminal Server License is not be installed by the Purchase Customer / Reseller, but by a Shipment Customer, the Purchase Customer / Reseller can optional use this procedure to assign a Shipment Customer to the AADS Terminal Server License.

Both the Purchase Customer / Reseller and the Shipment Customer will be able to use the procedure "Download the latest version of AADS Terminal Server / License History" for viewing the License History or receiving the AADS Terminal Server Setup program.

The Shipment Customer will not be able to perform other procedures like ordering "Upgrades" or viewing the "Invoice". Those are only available for the Purchase Customer / Reseller.


  • We support anyone in case there is some issue with AADS Demo.
  • When there is an issue with the paid, full version of AADS, we only support customers as we know them by their email address in our Administration. This includes customers who are known to us because of this Shipment Customer procedure.

Purchase Customer / Reseller

Email address
License number

Shipment Customer

Company Name
First Name
Last Name
Address 1
Address 2 (optional)
Email address

The only email that will sent to the Purchase Customer / Reseller is an email about the "Shipment Customer". See our Privacy Policy for the details:
Privacy Policy

The information request is sent using a Secure Connection:

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