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Download the latest build of AADS Terminal Server / View License History

You can receive your license history and download links in an email by either entering your license number and email address, or by entering your ordernumber and email address.

Be sure to use the email address that you did enter when ordering AADS Terminal Server. The information will only be emailed to the email address as known in the order administration. See the FAQ about Your Email Address:
Your Email Address is important

License number
A license number has 2 possible formats:
  • 1234-4567-ABCD
(non working example numbers)

Enter license number and email address
License number
Email address
Include downloadlinks with the latest build of the AADS Terminal Server software
Include licensedocument in PDF format
License history will be included in the email

Enter ordernumber and your email address
Order number
Email address
Download links will be included in the email
License history will be included in the email

The only email you will receive is an email with the license information. See our Privacy Policy for the details:
Privacy Policy

The information request is sent using a Secure Connection:

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